Add2 the new customisation service by Disley. Where distinctive becomes effortless.

You pick the style and choose the contrast colour, we add some expert in-house needlecraft and your unique look is created- what could be simpler?

In a world where everyone wants to be different, to have a working wardrobe that’s just right, reflecting everything their brand teams have spent hours creating, it’s no wonder we all strive to ‘go bespoke’. But what if you could widen the options available with ready to wear garments? What if you could pick from an almost endless range of colour combinations and still order from stock?

That’s just where Add2 comes in. Disley’s new customisation service takes stock garments and adds contrast trim to create a customer specific look. Trim is expertly applied in-house to the placket &/or cuffs of stock shirts and blouses. There are even 35 contrast colours to choose from!

The minimum order quantity is just 20 pieces and all work is undertaken in-house, ensuring that Disley’s trademark quality continues to be closely monitored & maintained.

Using stock garments also means that you benefit from Disley’s full size range- 6-30 & 14.5-21” as standard. There are no long leadtimes to contend with, orders are completed in a matter of weeks rather than months and repeat orders are as easy as the first.

So whether it’s a hotel or restaurant wanting it’s staff to stand out, a doctor’s surgery needing to set the right tone or a corporate customer looking to break away from the norm, Add2 certainly does add up.

Experience tells us that Disley’s quality is best viewed first hand, so why not order some samples today? 028 9083 6444


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