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Safety is rightly a priority for businesses re-opening their doors, but how do you ensure that customers feel welcome & comfortable?

With all of us facing new systems for entering premises, the challenge is on for hotels, restaurants, shops & salons to ensure that safety procedures don’t overwhelm the experience. After weeks in lockdown many visitors will feel a level of anxiety at entering previously familiar surroundings, so how do you strike a balance between ensuring everyone is safe & healthy and retaining a warm sense of familiarity to proceedings?

Erin Teal Short Sleeve Disley Uniform Blouse

Let’s start with the welcome, if first impressions count, then uniform clothing has an important role to play. Ensure staff appear friendly & approachable by injecting some eye catching colour into their uniform, helping them remain easily identifiable and giving focus away from any items of PPE that may now be being warn.

Colour lifts the mood, so go vibrant with bright teal or inject some warmth with richer tones of aubergine or navy. Disley’s Mona & Erin blouses showcase these strong hues to perfection, with colours co-ordinating across the styles to give wearer flexibility & choice.

Create a relaxed ambiance- when staff look it, customers feel it. Choose relaxed fit, contemporary clothing that keeps employees feeling comfortable and looking informal & familiar. Disley’s Ennis Herringbone shirts work with or without a tie, while long or short sleeve Molly & Mona round neck blouses are the epitome of calm, easy-going clothing- the impression is professional & in control, the atmosphere enjoyable.

Ennis Indigo Herringbone Disley Uniform ShirtKeep it easy care & hassle free. With the onus on staff to wear freshly laundered clothes each shift, fabrics need to wash well, be quick to dry & require minimal or no ironing. But easy care doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable to wear. Take a look at Disley’s Edition collection to see how contemporary styling can be combined with stress-free laundering- think cool touch fabrics in a first class fit ready for the day ahead.

Browse the 2020 additions here or order your samples today via info@disley.com, 028 9083 6444.

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